There are many needs around the world and it can be hard to know where to begin. That is why over the last several years we have chosen to focus on a few areas where we believe we can have an impact. We want to do more than meet immediate needs - we want to help communities and churches around the world make progress they can sustain and make an eternal difference in the lives of those they serve.

When we invest our resources with our global partners, Seacoast has the ability to be a part of something much bigger than itself. Our global efforts mean that we have a multiplied impact that goes far beyond what we could accomplish on our own. Your generous investments will enable our global ministry to continue to grow.


Global Missions

We want to build on strategic relationships with partners in Sri Lanka, Togo, Haiti, Pakistan, and elsewhere. We will to continue providing clean water, schools, and medical resources where they are needed the most.

And wherever we are, we will support church planting movements, meeting spirtual needs as well as physical needs.

To Date we have:

  • Water Projects in Togo, Haiti, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya serve up to 60,000 people with clean water every day.
  • Built schools in Kenya, Guatemala, and Sri Lanka.
  • A hospital in Uganda that has the capacity to deliver 100 babies per month and serves 1500 patients per month through inpatient, outpatient, maternity & surgical care.
  • Medical clinics in Nicaragua and Kenya
  • Opened a pastoral training school in Sri Lanka, planted 5 churches in Togo, and are building churches in Pakistan and Kenya

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Colorado Church Plant

NEXT will help plant Front Range Christian Church in Castle Rock, CO. It will be led by Pastor Ernest Smith, who was a staff member at Seacoast for over 10 years.

FRCC will open in February 2014.

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Church Plant

NEXT will help plant Metropolis Church in Zurich, Switzerland. It will be led by Pastor Tim Lindsay. Tim and his family came to Seacoast over a year ago to learn the Seacoast model of doing church. He is currently leading our College/20 something ministry at the Mt. Pleasant campus.

Metropolis is scheduled to open in mid-2014.

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ARC Church Plants

Our desire to see a life-giving church in every community goes beyond the Carolinas. Our partnership with the ARC (Association of Related Churches) will expand from North America to new church planting strategies around the world, from Europe to China.

Currently the ARC plants a church every 4 days.

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