We love our communities and we want Seacoast Church to be a part of helping them to thrive. A big part of that means meeting the needs of our communities through service. When our people are willing to share their resources and their time, God can accomplish amazing things.

For example, the North Charleston Dream Center currently:

  • Serves over 6,000 patients each year saving over $10 million in healthcare costs through the Dream Center Clinic.
  • Serves 19,000 individuals a year through The Dream Pantry and Dream Closet.
  • Serves approximately 3,200 individuals monthly through Adopt-a-Block. Crime in these areas is down over 75%.
  • Has a graduation rate of 85% versus the local high school rate of 45% for students in the e3 mentoring program.

NEXT will allow us to expand North Charleston Dream Center and plant a new Dream Center in the Ardmore community. We also want to provide every Seacoaster at every campus with the opportunity to serve their communities. During NEXT we want to realize the incredible impact that we can have on the lives of the people around us.


Dream Center
N. Charleston

We have recently purchased property that will allow us to expand the North Charleston Dream Center and our ministry to that community. Because you share your resources and give your time, crime rates are dropping, graduation rates are rising, and families are seeing the love of Christ in action.

We are excited to see the impact that our expanded efforts can make.

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Dream Center Ardmore

Our work at the North Charleston Dream Center has attracted attention and as a result we are working with the City of Charleston to plant a new Dream Center in the Ardmore community of West Ashley. This will enable us to greatly expand our ability to serve this part of Charleston and we are excited to reach more people than ever before with the love of Christ.

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Local Initiatives

We will also be seeding outreach efforts at all of our campuses, enabling them to seek out and meet needs that are specific to their locations. We believe that every believer should be a part of serving the communities where they live and we want our local initiatives to reflect this.

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